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Years of legal and media expertise in management, editorial decision making, content and brand marketing, promoting  digital content, award winning journalism, and message crafting at a top market; multi-million dollar management experience, teaching, and a strong First Amendment legal background.


A single bullet fired in anger

A community outraged by the acquittal

And a secret more deadly than the crime itself


"He confessed and was acquitted!" The verdict sent a shockwave throughout the community. Four gang members fired a fatal shot into a vehicle and got away with it.


The murder faded from memory until Gavin Brady, a young ambitious attorney, inadvertently receives an internal memo that exposes a powerful and dangerous secret between the prosecutor's office and police department.

The more Gavin digs into the past, the more perilous his present becomes. Past alliances are rekindled as Gavin's pursuit becomes a fight for survival, blurring the lines between justice and greed. 

A Cry for Justice is in bookstores and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Stone Grissom is currently working on his second thriller, Bonds of Friendship.

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